The National Cyber Scholarship Foundation

Cybersecurity is one of the world’s fastest growing industries. The National Cyber Scholarship Foundation is working hard to address the current cyber skills shortage by developing and championing the next generation of cybersecurity professionals, through the provision of $2 million in college scholarships and $13.8 million in cybersecurity training.

Qualify for the National Cyber Scholarship Competition through CyberStart America; an exciting gamified learning platform that will build and challenge your cybersecurity skills.

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National Cyber Scholarships

The National Cyber Scholarship program will award college scholarships of $2,500 to at least 600 U.S. high school students to recognize their talent, and encourage them to become part of the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. These are the the young people who will protect the privacy and security of Americans in every industry and government organization.


Identifying aptitude.

Uncovering hidden talents in students who may not otherwise consider the cybersecurity profession.


Nurturing potential.

Free intensive training provided by the global leader in cybersecurity training and certification.


Empowering excellence.

Rewarding the top performers with financial incentives to support future cybersecurity study.


Breaking down barriers

By offering varied routes to qualifying for this prestigious honor, the National Cyber Scholarship program encourages participation by all students, from complete novices to self-styled computer geeks. It includes the option for students to train themselves up to the qualifying standard through free access to an immersive gamified learning platform. The contest is also open to eligible students with a background in cybersecurity.

About the NCS Foundation

The National Cyber Scholarship Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) charitable foundation created to help the United States close its critical cybersecurity skills gap. The only known defense against sophisticated cyber attacks is cybersecurity professionals with elite talent and advanced training that enables them to defend systems in real time against determined adversaries. Other nations have a huge headstart in developing people with those skills. The National Cyber Scholarship program and CyberStart America are designed to enable the United States to catch up quickly.